R&C Telecomunicaciones
Grupo Empresarial R&C S.A de C.V
Banco Central 4801, Col. Plutarco E. Calles
Monterrey, N.L, MEXICO C.P 64108
Tel. +52 (81) 8339 7869
Fax. +52 (81) 8310 9931
E-mail: info@ryctelecom.com
Products ESPAŅOL

Coin Payphones
...with Electronic Top Up!

Electronica Top Up
Sell electronic Top Up by coins and terminal!!

Traditional Payphone
Local Calls, National, International, Mobile Calls..

SMS and Digital Content
Send SMS text messages. Sell Images, Ringtones and other digital services.

Internet Management System
Remote Webbased Management on Internet

RC-5000 GSM